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What is EPC Development Club? EPC Development Club was launched to improve the coaching of grassroots football. As part of an EPC Development Club team, our players work with both UEFA and FA qualified coaches before taking their practise into a game scenario on a Saturday morning. 

In an elite set-up, the EPC Development Club encourages players to play as part of a team, however, our main objectives are to improve individuals on their technical, tactical, physical and social skills. EPC understands that each player is on their own journey which we are here to help guide them through. 

Club Life: We at EPC have a number of beliefs that stands us out from the crowd from other grassroots clubs. Our main priority is to ensure we give a safe and fun leaning environment for the players to showcase their ability. We want to invest our time in the player and the person. 

We have a planned syllabus that gives the players an opportunity to be challenged in different game situations. We have five moments of the game; create & converting, controlling possession, turn overs, intelligent defending and ball mastery. We will take our theme into gameday. So whatever the groups have worked on in the session we will try to focus our attention on this during that game. Our aim is to help players develop and they can only do this through play. 


self review

Using bespoke player packs to help individuals  understand their game.

Coach Reviews

Two individual player evaluations 1-2-1 with your team coach.


EPC and players align targets to help the individual develop.

Player Analysis

Our coaches use video & player tracking technology to help deliver visual and verbal feedback to each player.

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