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Our SSP Philosophy

Striving to ensure our SSP sessions are engaging, fun & creative to benefit the pupils within your school

Similar to our PDP Philosophy that we deliver as part of our Player Development Programme, we have launched our SSP Philosophy that we aim to adhere too in every session delivered as part of our School Sports Partnership, this philosophy has been installed by the EPC Coaching Directors & is communicated to our Coaching Team to ensure our high standards are met when we work within your school.


Having had many years of working within Primary Schools, and teaching young pupils at all year groups, EPC aim to create a teaching philosophy to benefit every pupil that attends a session in our School Sports Partnership, whether that’s a before-school club, PPA PE lesson or an After-School Club. Creating the correct positive learning environment is absolutely key for the EPC in schools and is always the number one priority when delivering a session to young children. We must create a fun positive environment which places children in fun-based games that they can expect to learn and develop in a variety of sports and activities. We feel this environment set for our players is effective for our pupils to learn at their own speed.


Similar to our PDP ‘Player Development 4 Corner Model’ we aim to develop & progress our players within the 4 key areas: –

TECHNICAL – When delivering a range of different sports and activities to Primary Schools, every session that we coach will always include ways to develop that individuals technique. Whether its a Cricket or Dodgeball session, technical games will be taught to show the group how good technique can help them in that chosen sport. For example – in a typical Dodgeball lesson, throwing & catching games will be played by the group which looks at how throwing & catching is important in the sport and how we can develop that childs technique in this area.

PHYSICAL – ABCs are vitally important in our sessions, and can be taught in a variety of fun games as part of our Tag Games we offer to the groups we coach. Every session will start with an ABC activity related to the session, stressing the importance of ABCs and how they help us progress and develop in the sports we like to play. Each ABC activity is fun for the group to start the session is a positive manner which will enhance young childrens motivation for the session ahead. These physical components of a young child are important for the child’s body growth as they grow up, therefore balance and co-ordination challenges offer solid foundations for the future.

PSYCHOLOGIAL – We believe this corner is very important when we deliver our sessions within schools. Every child that attends our sessions is considered an individual and has different needs to another pupil within the group, both physical needs & technical needs. Therefore, our coaching team aim to help raise and build self-esteem & confidence in every session we deliver, and every time we coach individuals who need our important help & guidance in this key area. We want every child to feel comfortable and to have the confidence to try new things in our sessions which will help them develop further as they grow older. In new sports and activities, we will introduce beginners to the sport to help them learn the skills needed at their own speed, without having the fear of failure. Our behaviour and discipline strategies can also help young children in our lessons through our ‘Sticker Chart’ games.

SOCIALLY – Very similar to our Physiological corner, our Social corner in schools will help young children work as part of a team in our games and activities. During our lessons, we can place all children in different ways to work with others in pairs, small and/or big groups. This can help communication skills and decision-making with our pupils within that group, and to introduce young children to build and maintain friendly relationships with other children in their class and/or group. We feel this can be very important for children who may not feel comfortable working with others in small-groups, therefore placing them in a environment to create relationships being a key component to their development.

We feel very passionate about our philosophy & we ensure that the 4 key areas are focused on during each session we deliver to benefit your school & your pupils.


"We put great details in our School Sports Partnership sessions to make them inclusive & fun for all, we understand the individual learning process & the needs of the individual to develop at their own speed - our coaching team offer the guidance, patience & knowledge to help the pupil during each session at every sport & activity that we offer. We want to be a part of a positive learning experience for your pupils"