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December 6, 2016

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Academy Centre - Week 8, 9 & 10 Review

December 4, 2018


Academy Centre Review

Session Dates: Monday 19th November, 26th November & 3rd December

Learning Block: Intelligent Defending

Session Focus: How can we press out of possession to stop attacks? Isolated Defending Games & 2v2 Defending


As we have completed 4 weeks of learning block two of Intelligent Defending, our groups have shown fantastic progress within the last few weeks as make defending "attractive" during our sessions.


Within the 3 sessions in this review, we have included key messages from each session which are important for our players to understand at the end of each week.



  • We must press as 'units' (units = more than 1 player) within our team to press - e.g striker & left midfielder, striker & right midfielder, striker & attacking midfielder etc.

  • Those players not in the pressing unit to block off passing lanes to oppositions teammates, how = checking shoulders, looking for opposition players, moving into spaces to stop passes.

  • Can I press quickly to stop the opposition from making a decision?





  • Can I help my nearest team mate to press, tackle and/or intercept?

  • If I'm the highest player in my team, can I press the defenders as quickly & early as possible?

  • If I'm the last defender, can I be strong in my tackle to win possession back for my team & start a counter attack?



  • If I'm the nearest player to the ball I'm going to press whilst my teammates marks the opponent.

  • Can I check my shoulders to block passes? Interception is a great way to start a counter attack.

  • My reactions are so important to press & tackle, if my reactions are slow I'm giving time & space to the other team to attack.


Well done to our Players of the Week below who stood out within their groups.


Next session - Tactical session of 'How can we intercept forward passes to stop attacks?'


If your son/daughter is interested in experiencing our Academy Centre, we offer a free two-week trial for all new players. To receive a Welcome Pack, please email info@e-p-c.co.uk.




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