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December 6, 2016

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Pre-Academy Review - Week 4

October 24, 2018

Pre-Academy Centre Review

Week Commencing: Monday 15th October 2018

Learning Block: Ball Mastery

Session Focus: Ball Control & ABC Challenges


An extremely productive & important week on our syllabus as we introduce the groups to a variety of Ball Control & ABC challenges that can be done & used at home to develop the technical & physical qualities in our players.


WHAT: Our younger PDP players experienced a very important session of controlling & manipulating the ball is a variety of ways using different body parts. At this young age, it's important more than ever to start the technical journey off correctly by attempting to complete simple challenges using both feet.

Our ABC challenges were specific to fun tag-games, challenging each player to recognise the available spaces & how they could evade the "taggers".


HOW: Our ABCs were primarily used within the warm-up to great success & enjoyment - this helps players think about their body movements to lose a tagger & creates awareness within each player to spot available gaps to attack.

Our ball control challenges were played solely as an individual, giving each player enough time & support to complete the challenge themselves - our team were regularly observing players who needed our support the most, whilst also letting each player have a go themselves before asking for help.


WHY: Following this week, our coaching team rightly commented that this session focus was one of the most important on our syllabus as it looks to develop the key foundations in the technical & physical corner. Young players need to have the ability to control the football with different body parts at different ball heights & speeds to be consistently competent in the technical corner. Our ABCs challenges are important to highlight the need of Athleticism, Balance, Co-ordination & Speed in games, and tag-games are a great way to learn these.


Key Messages:

- Ball Control - Can I control the ball using both feet?

- Ball Control - Can I get a good connection when the ball touches my feet?

- ABCs - Within the tag-games, how can I get away from the taggers?

- ABCs - When I'm running, how fast can I change my direction?


Key messages will be used for parents to remind their children of our session each Wednesday, and it'll be a great idea to remind your son/daughter of these message before each game to continue the learning process.


Well done to our Players of the Week below who stood out within their groups. We are currently on a half term rest week before welcoming each player back next Wednesday for a technical session of 'What turns can I show to turn away from a defender?'.


If your son/daughter is interested in experiencing our Pre-Academy Centre, we offer a free two-week trial for all new players. To receive a Welcome Pack, please email info@e-p-c.co.uk.






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