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December 6, 2016

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Futsal Development Programme - Week 2 Review

October 9, 2018


Futsal Development Programme Review

Session Date: Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Learning Block: Ball Mastery

Session Focus: Manipulating the ball to play forward


We continued with our Ball Mastery learning block as we introduced our groups to a tactical related session of 'Manipulating the ball to play forward'. As with every session review we do, we will always include a 'What' we delivered in the session, 'How' we delivered the session and 'Why' we delivered the session.


WHAT: We delivered a technical practice focusing on a 1v1 & how our players can beat a player following a good first touch. The first touch is important to set players up to dribble and/or pass - if our first touch isn't in the correct direction, or with the correct care, it will make our task harder when beating a player or finding a pass.


HOW: Within a 1v1 practice, we would receive before making the 1v1 active - our challenge on the ball is to ensure my first touch is close enough to be kept under control, but not too close where the ball is under my feet. Following our first touch, can I attempt to dribble past the defender to score?


WHY: All players within our programme will be challenged to be calm & confident in possession, and receiving passes of different speeds is important and realistic to the game. We need to be able to receive with different parts of our foot to set ourselves up comfortably for a dribble.


Key Messages:

- 'Push' touch - when we receive the ball, can we push it forward into an available space?

- Can I show my first touch with my outside & inside of my foot?

- If I see space ahead of me, can I drive into that space to get past the defender? If there's not, how else can I get round the defender?

- Can I move before I receive the ball to make my dribble easier?


Key messages will be used for parents to remind their children of our session every Wednesday, and it'll be a great idea to remind your son/daughter of these messages before each game to continue the learning process.


Well done to our Players of the Week below who stood out within their groups. Next week, we have a Game Related Session of Beating Players In Parity - 1v1s, 2v2s etc'.


If your son/daughter is interested in experiencing our Futsal Development Programme, we offer a free two-week trial for all new players. To receive a Welcome Pack, please email info@e-p-c.co.uk.






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