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December 6, 2016

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Academy Centre - Week 2 Review

October 2, 2018


Academy Centre Review

Session Date: Monday 1st October 2018

Learning Block: Ball Mastery

Session Focus: How can we beat a player in game situations? *Eg – Back to goal, face to face, tight marker etc*


We continued with our Ball Mastery learning block as we introduced our groups to a tactical related session of 'How can we beat a player in game situations. As with every session review we do, we will always include a 'What' we delivered in the session, 'How' we delivered the session and 'Why' we delivered the session.


WHAT: We delivered a session based around the variety of ways a player can beat a player in a 1v1 situation. Many people may think that you only beat a player when face to face in a 1v1, however it's very important for players to understand that their are a variety of ways that our body can be used to successfully beat a defender.


HOW: An example of a session last night would be to beat a player with your back to goal, to beat a player with your body shape "side on" to the defender and/or goal, beating a player with face to face & beating a player via a through ball. The players body shape will effect what decision they may take when attempting to beat a player in a 1v1.


WHY: If players make the wrong choice to beat a player, they will ultimately lose possession of the ball, so making the correct decision to beat a player is very important to be successful. However, this takes a lot of repetition & failure at a young age in order to learn, so it's very important for players to stay in a positive mindset if they don't succeed.


Key Messages:

- Shoulder check before receiving the ball - where is that defender?

- Is there space behind me? If so, I can turn & dribble - if not, can I use my body & strength to protect the ball from the defender?

- When I'm dribbling, how do I change my speed to attack available spaces?

- If I need to turn, what turn can I use?


Key messages will be used for parents to remind their children of our session each Monday, and it'll be a great idea to remind your son/daughter of these message before each game to continue the learning process.


Well done to our Players of the Week below who stood out within their groups. Next week, we have a Game Related Session of Beating A Player In Central Third To Assist / Beating A Player In Final Third To Score.


If your son/daughter is interested in experiencing our Academy Centre, we offer a free two-week trial for all new players. To receive a Welcome Pack, please email info@e-p-c.co.uk.






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