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December 6, 2016

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February 19, 2018



After a busy half-term period, we are back today/this week delivering PE in our amazing schools: Sandy Lane, St Michael’s Easthampstead, Great Hollands, Hatch Ride, Fox Hill, Battle and Winkfield St Mary’s.


The first day back after a mini-break is always a positive one, with the children full of energy after their break and our PE staff are always keen to get back to teaching the PE they enjoy!!


Until Easter (in our Bracknell schools) we are certainly busy with sporting events for the children to take part in… here’s just a few of the competitions for your children to look out for…


  • Year 3/4 Indoor Athletics – 23rd February

  • Year 5/6 Girls Football – 7th March

  • Year 5/6 Hockey – 14th March

  • KS1 Multi-skills festival- 27th March


It is of course important to stress that schools are not obliged or intend to enter all events, as it is hard to fit them in a busy school schedule, however, the four tournaments above the majority of schools have entered so it is certainly worth keeping your eye out for them!!


Why should schools enter???


As we are a sports company, we OF COURSE believe schools should enter into all competitions. However, this isn’t just down to our own personal beliefs… the impact it has on the children taking part is second to none.


As coaches in your children’s schools, we have personally trained some of your children and attended the events with them, therefore, we have seen first hand the positive effect it has on all the children who are lucky enough to be selected! Here are just a few (of many) reasons why we believe ALL schools should enter ALL competitions….


  • Reward the children’s performance in PE/after-schools clubs and gives them a goal!

  • Provides additional opportunities to children

  • They are fully inclusive to ALL children of ALL individual needs and backgrounds

  • Children learn to compete!

  • The tournaments can provide a platform for further opportunities

  • Trying something new can inspire the children!


Not sure about the tournaments??


If you are not sure about the format or skills necessary for any of the tournaments listed or events you have heard about throughout the year… please do not hesitate to email us at info@e-p-c.co.uk or leave a comment below and one of our experienced coaches can let you now all of the information required!!


We wish all of our PE schools luck in the Bracknell Forest/County events this term!


Kind regards,








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