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Setting the correct learning environment that allows each individual to progress from our programmes

Every aspiring footballer that attends one of our Player Development Programmes can expect to develop their footballing ability through the EPC Philosophy that has been installed by the Coaching Directors, Dan Sleet & Lee Simpson.

Having had many years of coaching experience at all levels, and quite recently working with elite players, Dan & Lee aim to create a coaching philosophy to benefit every player that attends a PDP (Player Development Programme) session. Creating the correct environment is absolutely key for the EPC and is always the number one priority when delivering a session to our players. We must create a fun positive environment which places players in situations where they can expect to learn in game realistic sessions, and be able to make mistakes without the fear of failure. We feel this environment set for our players is effective for our players to learn at their own speed.


By following our ‘Player Development 4 Corner Model’ we aim to develop & progress our players within the 4 key areas: –

TECHNICAL – In order to progress as a young player, every player needs to possess the ability to ‘deal with the ball’ and show care & quality when in possession under pressue. Within our Technical corner, we aim to teach the key components needed to be a great technical footballer; example - can they show a variety of first touches? Can they show a good dribble at speed? How many types of passes can they show? We feel that within every session, a player needs to touch on at least 2 of these key components to successfully progress in the technical corner.


PHYSICAL – We place our players in physical challenges at the start of every session to increase the key ABCs that are needed to compete physically in the game. Athleticism is key, by being able to move freely in & out of possession to help team mates within games. Balance & Coordination helps players technical skills when in control of the football, whether its passing to a team mate or controlling the ball from the air, balance & coordination is important in everything you do. Our last physical component, Speed, is important in all phases of the game, having the speed to attack or defend in a 1 v 1, or showing speed to put pressure on an opponent, we aim to incorporate these in every one of our sessions.


PSYCHOLOGICAL – Every player that attends a PDP session can expect to show their qualities within our sessions & games without having the fear of failure. Within this corner, we like our players to be clever thinkers when on the ball or off the ball, can they spot a clever dribble or pass when on the ball and can we give them the confidence to try new things even if they fail; when off the ball, can our players be clever enough to find spaces to receive from a teammate. Each session will test players thinking throughout and will be put in situations where they will have to think constantly to play. Decision-making is vitally important to every player at all points during the game, can we teach our players to be fantastic decision-makers.


SOCIALLY – Being confident & having the correct self-esteem to develop is important for all our players in our positive learning environment. We not only aspire to help our players on the pitch, but we like to have a positive influence on them off the pitch as well, making sure they have the confidence installed in them to try new things whilst playing and having that confidence to try again if they face failure. Failure is something we care strongly about in our PDP sessions, failure is a motivation to keep learning in all sports and within our sessions, we like to ask our players why they failed and how they can try again & again to succeed.


"The philosophy created here at the EPC is a positive one for players of all abilities & year groups. We take immense pride in the environment that we create & are always striving to make EPC centres better for the benefit of our players, who are the main priority. We want our players to be great decision-makers in sessions that are challenging & competitive for the individuals that we are looking to progress"