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Our Morning Movement clubs can be a fun, creative & beneficial way to start a pupils school day

The EPC have created a fun & effective Body Movement Programme for young children to experience at our Before School Body Movement Clubs currently on offer to Primary Schools.


Aimed at pupils in all year groups, our Movement Programmes can be used to develop young children in a variety of ways to ensure effective learning and social interaction before school, which can lead to greater concentration levels in class and confidence in their social skills. Following on from London 2012 and the Olympic Legacy that it generated for the younger generation, our Morning Movement Clubs can provide children with the platform to be active and fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

All Morning Movement Clubs include enjoyable challenges and games for pupils to participate in, with the main aim and focus around ABCs (Athleticism, Balance, Coordination & Speed) and ‘Hand-Eye’ coordination games. Between the Primary School ages, all pupils should consistently develop their ABCs which can lead to a healthy & active lifestyle which is vitally important when developing into young adults. This must be taught and coached in a fun & enjoyable manner in order for young children to develop their body movements and social interactions when working as part of a team.

Young children can help their Body Movement Profile in a number of ways included in our clubs. Starting the session through fundamental & effective Tag Games to increase reactions, playground movements and agility. By focusing on hopping & jumping, you are looking to challenge pupils foundation movements in a number of ways that ultimately tests a young childs ABC profile. Our Relay Races can look at a child Athleticism & Speed profile, by challenging that individual to move their body quickly and effectively in a team race. We can even deliver Dodgeball & Handball, that looks at pupils reactions and Hand-Eye Coordination when throwing, in a fun & enjoyable environment children can really develop from these types of games. All team games included in our clubs have medals available to win through team activities and individual games that we create in a fun & enjoyable atmosphere.


They are just an example of some of ways we develop children in our Morning Movement Clubs & the benefits it brings to your pupils within your school - if you wish to find out other ways to challenge young children then we would love to deliver a free taster session to your school.


Our Morning Movement Clubs are held before school, starting at 8.00am and finishing at 8.40am (times may vary depending on the start time of the school day).

If you would like us to deliver our Morning Movement Programme in your Primary or Secondary School, then please get in contact with a member of our team who will be happy to assist you. Our clubs can be offered to children on a paid basis, or offered on a free to attend basis through Primary School Funding.


"Our Coaching Team have always immensely enjoyed the delivery of our Morning Movement Clubs & have noticed the importance of the ABC work that is provided. We understand the importance of a young childs physical profile & we have seen the enjoyment on their faces when playing the fun games we offer in the programme. We are very much looking forward to entering partnerships with schools in the near future for our Morning Movement Programme