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Offering technical, tactical & game-related Futsal programmes to Boys & Girls of all abilities which allows players to be creative & confident in a positive learning environment

The EPC believe Futsal can be a important positive aid to the development of young players & are therefore offering our Futsal Development Programme to Boys & Girls of all abilities in the U7 – U11s age groups, based in Bracknell & the surrounding areas.

How do our Programmes work?

EPC deliver our FDP (Futsal Development Programmes) over a 34 week programme from September - July, running weekly for 60 minutes. Our sessions are open to Boys & Girls of all abilities who wish to take advantage of Futsal and the benefits it opens up to young players and their development. Our programme follows a Futsal specfic coaching syllabus, covering 5 key moments in the game - each week, we focus on a Technical, Tactical or Game-Related Theme that looks to develop our players in Controlling Possession, Regaining Possession, Ball Mastery, Transitional Play & Game Management. We believe the syllabus we have created is fun, challenging and extremely positive to develop and progress all FDP players. Each programme is capped at 16 players to maximize learning opportunities and to strengthen the Player to Coach relationship which is vital for players to learn.

Our programme has regular fixtures & tournaments against other Futsal clubs each month to ensure our syllabus works closely with our games programme, its very important for the development on our players to play regular Futsal fixtures against opposition to continue the learning of the specific 'moment of the game' that the group are working on. Please all Futsal fixtures are included within the programme cost & is one of the many benefits to our programme.

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a fun, fast playing game that maximizes touches on the ball for all players which ultimately fulfils learning opportunities and development. Futsal is played with a smaller, heavier ball that encourages football to be played on the floor at a high tempo. The game of Futsal is considered to be a major influence in developing players from South America, Spain and other major footballing countries, all of the current top players in the world including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi & Neymar have publically expressed their positive thoughts on Futsal and how it was a valuable tool in their youth development. Futsal is currently played by over 12 million people in over 100 countries.

What are the main benefits to Futsal and our syllabus?

By using a smaller, heavier ball, Futsal aims to greatly improve players technical and mental abilities in an environment which is fast paced and challenging. By looking at a players first touch & pass, players must possess the mental attributes to think quickly on the ball ready for their next decision. The speed of thought process must be quick, therefore improving players decision-making and quick thinking. Because of the smaller ball - players ball control, ball manipulation, ball mastery & passing accuracy can be improved to huge effects, if young players can succeed on these skill areas first with a smaller ball, the technical habits will already be in place for when they player with a bigger ball.


Our syllabus contains sessions that are aimed at SSGs (small-sided games) & contact time with the ball, by having the composure and confidence to keep the ball under pressure in an opposed & unopposed situation. All sessions will look at players being creative and not being afraid to try new skills, tricks & turns, therefore promoting 1 v 1s, 2 v 2s & 3 v 3s in our syllabus which can further enhance the main qualities we look for when developing players.

Where do we deliver our FDP programmes?

We currently deliver our Bracknell Futsal programme on a Wednesday evening for U7 - U11s @ Edgebarrow Sports Centre - our U7 & U8 groups train 5.45pm - 6.45pm whilst our U9 - U11 groups train 6.45pm - 7.45pm.

All interested players receive a free two-week trial before deciding whether to continue with our programme.


To receive a Welcome Pack which will provide more information, please email - info@e-p-c.co.uk & our team will respond to your query within 24 hours.



“My 7 year old Son has been attending EPC for the past 2 years. The training and Development that the EPC team provide is fantastic and I have seen a massive difference in my son’s ability with a football. Although the training and development programmes are great, my son always comes back from the sessions with a big smile on his face and cannot wait to go again. The coaches at EPC have found a good balance with the Kids of serious coaching and having fun. I cannot talk highly enough of the team at EPC. Thanks Dan, Lee and Joe Alfie loves working with you guys.”


"My son Archie first joined EPC for some additional coaching whilst playing grassroots football for his local village team. This consisted of Futsal on a Monday and development centre on a Tuesday night. Within 2 years of coaching with the EPC team, my son has had the privilege of playing multiple professional clubs and learned so so much! Archie has subsequently since been at Chelsea Development Centre, Wycombe Wanderers and now an academy player at Aldershot Town. I would highly recommend the team at EPC to anyone with children who love and want to learn to play football"