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Discount Codes for our Football & Let Me Play Fun Weeks

We used our new online booking system for the first time just before our Easter Fun Weeks, and we identified areas for improvement during that period to make it easier for parents to book online.


One of the key areas for improvement was the discount codes for those parents who have children in one of our PE schools - we feel it's important that our booking process is simple, easy & stress free to book your child on to one of our Fun Weeks & with that in mind, we have added in more codes to make it simpler for the option you are wishing to book.


Please see below codes for parents who have children in one of the following schools - Sandy Lane, Fox Hill, Wildridings, Battle, St Michael's Easthampstead, Winkfield, Great Hollands & Hatch Ride.


- Let Me Play, Option 1, 9.30am - 4.30pm | 1 day - JAY398, 2 days - IZB244, 3 days - VYV975, 4 days - PVY253.

- Let Me Play, Option 2, Early drop off (from 8.00am) OR late pick up (until 6.00pm) | 1 day - NRX807, 2 days - YSA543, 3 days - IDB548, 4 days - QVX307

- Let Me Play, Option 3, Early drop off (from 8.00am - 9.30am) AND late pick up (4.30pm - 6.00pm) | 1 day - RKG238, 2 days - BFS702, 3 days - WNQ733, 4 days - XZQ541

Our Earlybird 10% off code which expires at 11.59pm on Sunday 20th May is ZGU825.

Please note that for our Let Me Play Fun Weeks, you cannot combine the earlybird discount code with the PE schools discount codes.


If you need to use a discount code for Option 1, and a discount code for Option 2 for two different days, these codes will have to be used on two separate bookings.


For our Football Fun Weeks, all players in our Player Development Programme (Academy Centre, Pre-Academy Centre & Futsal Development Programme) can attend our Football Fun Week for £10.00 per day on the codes below: -


1 day - QKF803, 2 days - ESY397, 3 days - BKB714, 4 days - FCV222


We hope these codes have made it clearer in your booking process, but as always if you feel we can do anything better & easier, please do not hesitate to email info@e-p-c.co.uk & we can look at amending our system to make it easier for you.