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Creating a personal action plan that can play an important part in developing strengths & areas for improvement

The EPC Coaching Team are offering 1 to 1 Private Coaching Tuition to players aged 6 and above.

To work alongside our Academy Syllabus & Philosophy, Boys & Girls of all abilities now get the opportunity to further enhance their potential and development by working closely with a member of the EPC Coaching Team on a 1 to 1 basis.


The EPC Coaching Team believes 1 to 1 Private Tuition can be used to maximum effect to work and develop key areas needed to reach players potential. Our 1 to 1 sessions will be a 45 – 60 minute session planned & designed to look at players key attributes which includes a number of skill areas : –

  • ABC Physical Profile – Ladders, Hurdles, Hoops & other SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness) equipment will be used to help develop physical attributes needed for the modern game. Our tuition will look at various speed, strength and movement challenges to help develop a player’s physical profile along with concentrating on players ABC’s (Athleticism, Balance, Co-ordination & Speed).

  • Developing Technical Ability – All players need to be comfortable & confident with the football therefore maximizing technical ability is vital in order to develop as a player. We will look at all areas of a players technical game, ensuring players are confident with using both feet in an opposed environment, looking at various ball control challenges to ensure players are comfortable with the ball and working on players first touch which is becoming increasingly important within the modern game.

  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – All players that attend the EPC should always be in a positive mindset of being the best they can be. We want every player that is coached by a member of the EPC Coaching Team to always be in a positive mindset when playing the game. When working closely with individuals, we hope to further develop confidence and installing positive belief in our players as well as educating them through our ‘Healthy Body’ program which will look at a footballer’s diet and what to Eat & Drink prior to a Training Session & Match Day.


Each player that we work with on a 1 to 1 basis will get a unique session plan designed to their own personal strengths and areas to work on by the EPC Coaching Team. These session plans can be viewed by Parents & Player after the session to do in your free time. We can work with players on a weekly basis, on a day that suits both parties (Coach & Player / Parent) or once every few weeks.

Every 4 weeks of coaching, we can provide our 1 to 1 Assessment highlighting areas to work on and offering session plans for players to work on their attribute areas in their own time.


For more information regarding our 1 to 1 Coaching including costs, block booking & venue use, please email a member of our team - info@e-p-c.co.uk.



"Gracie benefitted greatly from her time with EPC. She is not a naturally confident girl, but working with the coaches really brought her out of her shell, enabling her to express herself more freely both in and off the pitch. Her subsequent move to Reading Women was very much based on her training with you guys"